Perspective | On Writing

It really is amazing how dramatically different a given landscape can appear depending on where one is standing.

But even two people standing in the exact same spot will have unique responses to an identical scene, each interpretation shaped by his or her personal experiences and interests – what might appear like a mundane, everyday occasion to one person may seem spectacular or even horrifying to someone else. And within an individual, any particular sight can have varying reactions depending on current mood, on recent events or distant unlocked memories evoked.

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Here we are again, (he says to no one in particular other than himself and the perhaps two other readers following this blog) another day, another blog. This time though, it’s going to be different. Maybe.

Seriously though, my intentions this time around are a little more concrete, a little more focused. I hesitate to use the word “professional”, as I am still far from being a professional writer, but I would like to make this space feel more like a portfolio and less like a random jumble of hastily written posts space months or even years apart. That’s the ideal anyway.

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