For longer than I’d care to admit, I have been working on a project that has consumed me less than it should have. That is to say, I have been working on my first novel for far too long.

But today, I’d at least like to talk about it.

Lamont is a story that, at its core, is about the existence of the human soul and exactly how much that soul (or lack thereof) is worth. Okay, that’s a little too abstract and pretentious-sounding. Let’s try again.

Lamont is the story of a small town gripped by the spectre of unexplained disappearances. Of course, like any small town in such circumstances, it comes with a less than squeaky clean past, full of covered-up murders and a history of taking aggressive stances (read: violent) against those suspected of practicing witchcraft.

Everything comes to a head when the son of a wealthy local dairy farmer turns up missing and another boy lands mysteriously in the county hospital ER with several deep lacerations across his back. No longer able to sweep the growing crisis in the town of Lamont, the local pastor seeks out to the only expert hunter he knows capable of dealing with such a paranormal phenomenon.

Unfortunately, she has since passed away.

However, her more than capable daughter is indeed alive and, despite going through some stuff, is willing to take on the case.

And so, the story of Lamont unfolds, a tale of black magic, shapeshifters, and a powerful demonic entity.

Thus far in this blog, I have included a few early drafts of chapters that may or may not appear in the final manuscript. If anyone would be interested, I would enjoy sharing future drafts of Lamont with this blog.

Have I mentioned that I am absolutely horrible with creating a synopsis, blurbs, or actually writing a novel in general. Yeah.

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